Trinity Counseling

The mission of Trinity Counseling is to care for those in need of spiritual and psychological healing. Through the work of licensed and certified professionals, we provide seasoned counsel, therapy and outreach to all persons seeking healing regardless of their religious, racial, age or economic backgrounds, serving individuals, families, religious organizations, businesses and pastoral leaders at reasonable or reduced costs, based on circumstances and ability to pay.

We believe people have rights to privacy and confidentiality in counseling and the freedom to seek healing and support outside of traditionally healthcare pathways. As a non-profit organization, we have a deep commitment to life-principles contained in the Scripture and invite God as our partner in healing and growth.

I don’t know how I would have made it over the past year had it not been for Trinity. There is no doubt that God is alive and working through your ministry to reach out and touch so many hurting lives including my own. May God bless you [all] and your ministry!
— Anonymous

Support Trinity

Trinity Counseling’s needs grow larger each day as more and more persons seek our aid in setting their lives on the right course. It is unfortunate but true that many of those who need help the most are also those who simply cannot afford it. It is primarily for these people that we exist. All donations are tax-deductible and 90% of them go directly to providing scholarships for counsel—a little goes a long way!